When: Wednesday 20th September 2017
Time: 11.30 am coffee and lunch, discussion until 1.45 pm
Venue: 1 Montgomery St Suite 2200, San Francisco, CA 94104

The Business Case for Reputation  – Managing Risk in the Trump Era

Global trade tensions, populism, fake news, economic imbalances, rising expectations and the ‘Trumpbump’ are creating new challenges for business leaders every day.

With the record-setting highs on the stock market, studies point to corporate reputations having to work harder and harder to support confidence in the economic returns expected.  While a testament to their ability to drive shareholder value, it is increasingly coming with strings attached – and growing levels of risk.

As reputations continue to be recognized among corporates’ most valuable assets, what are the narratives needed to secure and protect their contributions to shareholder value in the uncertain times ahead?

We are pleased to invite you to join our discussion at the 2017 Reputation Dividend Roundtable, kindly hosted by Korn Ferry.

With keynote speaker, Ray Jordan, Chief Communication Officer, Amgen, among others, you’ll hear how corporate reputations are creating real, financial value across the S&P500 with the latest study from Reputation Dividend showcasing current drivers of reputation value, along with insight and perspectives on how CCOs are valuing and securing their reputational capital in these ‘unusual’ times.  We’ll also be exploring corporate purpose and the rising materiality of Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a participative event, there will be discussion as to what this means for leadership engagement and value-creation ahead.

Richard Marshall, HOST, Managing Director, Global Corporate Affairs Practice, Korn Ferry

Ray Jordan










Sandra Macleod,
Chief Executive, Mindful Reputation

Simon Cole, Founder, Reputation Dividend