Thank you for joining us for the launch of Reputation Dividend’s 2016 UK Report and Value Summit

Thank you for joining us this week for the launch of Reputation Dividend’s 2016 UK Report and Value Summit with our guest speakers, Simon Walker, Ian Wright and Matthew Gwyther. If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions for further reputation summits ahead, I very much look forward to hearing from you. With warmest wishes, Sandra


UK 2016 Reputation Dividend report


Sandra Macleod, CEO, Mindful Reputation
“Financial information in isolation has been shown to be insufficient to communicate the breadth and complexity of risks, and the location of wider value creation across companies…

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Matthew Gwyther, Editor, Management Today
The revelation that Volkswagen cheated emissions tests is the latest in a line of scandals that have dented the public’s faith in business since 2008’s financial crisis. It was seen as a betrayal of trust. But just what is trust and how important is it in business? And, once it has been lost, can it ever be won back?

Radio 4 ‘Trust in Me’ broadcast


Simon Cole, Founder, Reputation Dividend
“More than third of UK PLC’s marketcap, £792bn, is attributable to corporate reputation”

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Simon Walker, Director General, Institute of Directors
“From a business perspective – reputation needs to be revisited. Most issues blow over: this one isn’t going away…

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