We are pleased to have supported world-class organisations around the world on a variety of strategic and tactical assignments.

These include some of the best-known corporations around the globe along with many that are lesser known but by no means less aspirational.

Recent work has included board briefings and counsel, reputation leadership development through to training, and enterprise-wide engagement.

The sensitivity of our work is sometimes such that we choose not to publish our client list as a matter of course, however, we would be delighted to put you in touch with relevant companies we have worked for on a confidential basis for feedback and references.

Below is a sample of our clients we are privileged to serve, ranging from A-Z.


What our clients’ say

Bjoen Edlund”I have known Sandra for more than 20 years and am very impressed with the quality of the people she has assembled in her new network, and with her way of approaching PR and reputation matters from an analytical, strategic perspective. I have brought her into my clients, and the feedback has been consistently excellent.”

Björn Edlund

Jessica Mann”We have used Reputation Dividend to track the development of our reputation for a number of years now and in that time it has proved to be of considerable use not only in providing both an indication of the return on our communications investment but also in offering practical guidance as to the priorities of Shire’s corporate messaging.”

Jessica Mann, Corporate Communications Director, Shire PLC