Mindful Reputation provides support and mentoring services to boards and management teams.

We help reputation owners understand how and why reputation matters, and what can be done to protect and enhance it for the benefit of the organisation and its relationships with key stakeholders.

BUILDING IN, NOT BOLTING ON: Our services include auditing, advising, coaching, seminars, facilitating engagement and building enterprise-wide programmes to ensure reputation is not bolted on, but built-in for sustainable results.

REPUTATION-READY: The reputation journey is about the how – measuring how we move from where we are now to improved thinking, communications, and importantly, behaviours.  It is about building shared understanding and belief into the new, improved ‘business as usual’ which requires nurturing and maintaining.

Clients engage with us at all, or any, stages of a comprehensive reputation management journey– including:

  • Validating and interpreting intelligence
  • Identifying and prioritising key audiences
  • Helping to frame the narrative and messages
  • Building Reputation Management Plans
  • Transferring the technical skills required to manage a reputation programme internally enterprise-wide

Comprehensive Reputation Management Journey

Building and guarding reputation

I believe that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.” – Cicero