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Illuminating Coherence If reputation is the shadow, and character is the tree, today’s organisations must rediscover the roots to trust and path to authenticity. Game-changing insights help organisations operate as they truly wish to appear, illuminating coherence both inside and out to support the drive for resilient growth and positive value.

Developing Advocacy at Scale In today’s global and socially connected world, organisations must branch out beyond brand awareness to developing meaningful relevance with the stakeholders and influencers that matter, touching people in a real and motivating way that creates true and sustainable advocacy at scale.

Embracing Interconnectedness No man is an island. Neither are today’s corporations. The individuals or groups to which each are connected are neither  ‘friends’ or ‘foes’ but rather, eco-systems of influence that require a better understanding of their unique hopes, concerns and areas of mutual alignment. Mapping and prioritising stakeholders and influencers, and their ever-changing expectations are key for embracing opportunities ahead.

The Academy Taking a business-centric approach to enhance the capabilities of Communication professionals in various industries and companies around the world. To enhance personal capabilities so that the entire Communication function plays a more pivotal, strategic and driving role with business partners across the organization. Ensure that Communication professionals have opportunities for career development while evolving the function so that it becomes indispensable to leadership across the organization.

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