Event Date: 01/05/2014

Archive: Launch of Reputation Dividend US 2014 study

The 2014 US Reputation Dividend study summarizes the state of
corporate reputation in America and how it is impacting shareholder
value in leading public companies. It is the seventh annual study and
covers close to 500 of the Nation’s most important corporations.

The Reputation Dividend report provides a uniquely fresh perspective
into how well, or not, corporate reputations are working to the advantage
of their company’s stockholders. It combines headline measures of
reputation strength from survey research with a large number of
published financial metrics to explain the economic consequence for
shareholder value. This is the Reputation Contribution – the proportion
of a company’s market capitalization attributable to its reputation. It not
only confirms the scale of the asset but also reveals important insight
into the bottom line of reputation management and answers to many of
the reputational challenges facing business leaders seeking a more
strategic approach to securing and growing the economic value their
companies’ reputations are returning.

The 2014 US study runs in parallel with our UK study and is based on
data reported up to the beginning of 2014.